Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
By Flak
RE patterns would be awesome, like Nemesis and the lickers
By reignman40
Heck ya. Even basic RE zombies would be bad azz. Count me in for this request.

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By AngiePaye
oooooo a licker would be bomb!
i'd enjoy a nemesis too.
By angelus816
It may be a little late for this this year, but how about some Resident Evil patterns? From the games or movies, either one. Umbrella Corp. logo, Jill Valentine, Alice, the Tyrant, Hunters, Lickers, whatever works. Help us out here! 8)
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By S.A.M
I think I asked about some Resi Evil patterns last year, can't find it now. But yes this gets my vote, any creature from the Resi Evil series would be great I really like the Iron Maiden from RE 4, He looks badass :lol:

Tyrant is another good looking monster too. We could do with some scary video game monsters in the pixelated players section, so many to choose from too :D
By Ajax
Nemesis would be awesome!!!
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By nosferatu
Gets my vote!!!!!!!!!!

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By S.A.M
Yes, Nemesis!!!! Pretty please Ryan with razor wire on top :D
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By SaneInsideInsanity
they would make good patterns...i'd still go bowie over them thoguh
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By nosferatu
Me too :D
By Ajax
David bowie and bring crosby singing halloween songs together it would be great.
By Flak
Nemesis, Tyrant, Mr. X, Hunters, Lickers, maybe zombies, the dogs, there's a huge variety of beasties to carve. Not to mention portraits of all the major players.

And that hooded guy with the giant hammer from the Resident Evil 5 trailers would be sick.
By Sleep_to_dream
so they are making another Resident Evil movie RIGHT NOW. So the new one will be coming out next year.

Maybe do a sweet Alice or Jill Valentine or Carlos Alavara (sp?) or Chris Renfield would be a good head start :)