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2020 is set to be the weirdest Halloween ever.

What, if, anything are you doing to ensure a safe Halloween during the global pandemic?
I've seen a few unique ideas for handing out treats from a safe distance, a drain pipe shoot from the porch to the garden gate, a zipline complete with ghoul and treat bags all powered by a cordless drill and even an automatic treat dispensing door, vending machine style!!

Image from Reddit.

Are you planning anything extreme like that?

I'm not decorating my garden up this year in an effort to keep visitors away, the risk however small just isn't worth it to me & my family. I have been so conflicted though, an almost uncontrollable urge to decorate outside, to put on a show, it's gonna be a full moon after all :pale: I have a mask and disposable gloves and that's how I'll be handing treats out to the ones that still knock.

I'm gonna kick back, carve some pumpkins, have a beer and watch horror movies all night whilst eating left over sweets; a Halloween night to myself! :jack_o_lantern:
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I’d normally turn the front garden into a cemetery with skeletons and zombies escaping from the ground as well as carved pumpkins. Not this year though, this year I’m leaving the front empty so as not to encourage hoards of kids. I’ve even decided to drop the windowkins I’d been planning. It appears a number of local parents have decided covids not a big deal and are going to allow their kids out guising, even during a pandemic.
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We are still going to do our display outside the house. But the streets in our neighbourhood have decided that rather than go door-to-door collecting treats, instead, the parents of the children will hand out sweets for each house that has pumpkins or pictures of pumpkins in their window for the duration of the week leading up to Halloween.

We are gutted that we can't have our annual Halloween party, but we are still going to get dressed and have a celebration as a family as it plays such an important part of our year. Plus, the kids need something to celebrate given the horrid year that they've had so far and school trips and holidays cancelled etc.
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We're going to have a yard party this year instead of our usual event. We have just a handful of cases in the area so we aren't too worried, but still want to be cautious.

I've built a haunted house in my garage and told everyone to bring food and drinks just for their group. No sharing. We're going to dress up and just hang out outside on the lawn :ghost:

I think I 'm going to like this relaxed style ::beer::

here's a look at the haunted house:
Love the tour of your haunted house mesmark! Great use of the AtmosFX projections, all the props bringing the scenes together and letting the zombie wall "bleed out" into the room and 3D, the kids of gonna love it and the gothic looking coffin room with the candles and fire :thumbsup: :jack_o_lantern: Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:
There are no recorded cases in my city very few in the province. Trick or treating is still a go here and I will take the kids out, but can understand why some would choose to stay home. We will wear masks, social distance and only go to the houses that are decorated. We will also be handing out treat bags and hope to have a small turn out.

I carved a measly 7 pumpkins but will put those out with my blow ups. Pretty much business as usual here. If theres a small outbreak cities are put back into orange instantly no gyms, hairdressers spas etc. Masks are mandatory in all public spaces. Hope all stay safe and have a great Halloween regardless of your current situation.
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