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Hey guys.

We all know and love the Patch Master. He's an icon around these parts.


Being my all time favorite Pattern (and having him perma carved in foam). I wanted to try my hand at a build of our icon myself...


I need a little assistance though.

Anyone know of some ideas? I got these two things I thought of putting together to make the outfit. But me and my perfectionism won't rest until it's pretty much spot on.

This for the mask.

Then this for the body

Any and ALL input greatly appreciated. I want it ready by Mid October if at all possible.
I think the mask and costume will work perfect for this sort of "patch master" pumpkin scarecrow. Are there elements of these items that you don't think are right? Or are you looking for help with other accessories that you think should be added?

Have you looked at my scarecrow photos for ideas? I'll share them again here, in case it helps (wow, I can't believe this costume was 13 years ago!)


It was more in particular the "look" I needed. Did you hand craft those items? If so what steps were necessary to create them in a limited time frame?

Very interested (and much prefer) your build.

The mask was what really turned me off of this. And it was the best one I could find! (It looks cool but not quite what I had in mind).

I'd like some more information on how you did the elements of yours (then I can deviate as necessary) :jack_o_lantern:
Let me see what I can remember...

Bought the long coat at a thrift store. If I was doing this again today (and had time) I probably would have cut it up a bit, and added bold stitching to sew it back together. Maybe also sew some mismatched fabric patches on it.

The floppy hat I found online, some costume shop website I believe. It's a beauty, with mottled color and wire to pose the brim and curly top.

The gangly gloves were bought on eBay, if I recall. They were black, basically made of felt, with long wired fingers. I used green fabric paint to make them look more like vines. Let me tell you, these look cool but you lose all function of your hands. At least I did this before smart phones existed. :lol:


The tan hood was sewn from scrap fabric, and the edges were cut into a fringe. You can probably buy a hood like this though.

I made a neck collar and wrist cuffs out of felt, and glued long straw to them with a glue gun. I also attached velcro to the ends of the collar and cuffs, to make it easy to fasten them quickly. The collar was under my hood and the cuffs were under my sleeves, so you didn't see the felt part, only the straw hanging out.

The mask I made out of Paper Clay. A forgiving substance that air dries (although I warmed it up in the oven to speed up the drying, because time is short in October!). Then I painted it with acrylic paint. Then I attached some stretchy straps. This paper clay dries very light (it's just paper pulp) so it doesn't weigh down your head when worn. Pro tip: I glued a piece of foam to the inside of the nose, so there would be soft cushioning where it rested on the bridge of my nose.


I opted for this face mask style for a few reasons. For one, it's realatively comfortable and easy to put on (compared to some full, over-the-head mask). I also liked how it looks like a humanoid face shape, but with pumpkin features, sticking out from the hood. It felt a bit like wearing a Jason Voorhees hockey mask... but pumpkin colored.

Looking back on this costume, I'm still pretty proud of it. But there are so many things I'd do differently now. Basically, I'd add more detail, and texture, and realism. I've often pondered taking another crack at this costume. Patch Master 2.0. :thinking: Someday.
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