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By SuperSonic
And at the appropriate time the Patch Master does it again! As I mentioned before. The layout is fantastic!

Also glad you managed to keep everything else from years past too.

Glad to be back!!! :twisted:
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By SaneInsideInsanity
Yay. I’ve popped in a few times and it hasn’t been working thought it was me lol. On that note I can use everyone’s advice check the real pumpkin carving board for the post...1 400 lb pumpkin 1 200lb..... um drywall saw? :? :lol:
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By pagemaster1993
It's good to be able to talk with my fellow Minions again.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Adorable photo Mark. The passage of time is evident by how small your son was at the time. Creating Zombie Pumpkins designs (and consequently, celebrating Halloween in a big way) has been part of my life since 2002. And maybe of you have been around for a good portion of that. Lives change, and some minions drift in and out over time. But all in all, we've sure been through a lot together. :orange_heart: Lots of holiday memories made. Let's do it all again this year, what do you say? :jack_o_lantern:
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By zombombie
Holy moly it's been a while.

I'm hoping to get back into posting and into the Halloween spirit. Had a lot on this past couple of years and I've not been able to celebrate Halloween in the way I want. That's not necessarily a bad thing - last year I was at Disneyland Paris for Halloween, and this year I'll be in Vancouver!

Glad to be back boils and ghouls - hope you're all well :fangs: