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By OogieBoogie2
Well, sort of. Thanks to my now non-existant AOL account I couldn't log in from my old one. So, I'll just have to be OogieBoogie 2. :lol: (I was just OogieBoogie)
Since nobody probably remembers me anyway, My name is Shanna. (pronounced Shawna) Been gone a few years. I lost my sister a few years back. Her and I always did our Halloween decorating together, so that really took all the fun out of it for awhile. I moved, started a new business, had no yard/time to haunt anymore.. BUT I just moved again, and I have a yard....so, I cannot wait to start getting back into it. :love: Glad to see a lot of the old people are still around. So many new people too!!! Congrats Ryan. Its exciting to see how far the site has come!
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By mesmark
Welcome back! I'm sure most of the old rotting pumpkins around here remember you.

Sorry to hear about your loss, but I'm glad to hear that you're back in the Halloween mood. Hopefully, you'll find some extra joy in celebrating Halloween this year. It should be fun to get back into it.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year!
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By Raven
Good to see you back! I remember you before the "2". :P

I'm sorry for your loss. Maybe now you can do Halloween even bigger and better for you and your sisters mutual love of Halloween instead of thinking of the time with sadness.