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I know we have at least one forum member who knows a thing or two about burlesque (im not naming fingers or pointing names intentionally). As for me, I had no exposure to it, let's just say my better half would not support that concept, although, I might be able to make a stronger case now.

We did, however, venture down to Las Vegas again at the beginning of December and, while trying to figure out what shows we wanted to see (we've been down there a *few* times LOL) we ran across the Zombie Burlesque, which was running on a night we had nothing planned and wasn't too expensive. My wife, was pretty hesitant about it, but, the ticket sales staff recommended it. So off we went.

I don't know how much burlesque is normally in a "burlesque" show. There was a bit, but, really, it was a zombie themed adult comedy show with a bit of nudity - and, it was ~very~ good. Any show in vegas where they do a musical number (partially) dressed as zombies about jello and vodka where they pass out (free) lime green (of course) jello shots to the entire audience is a winner in my books.

Anyway... in case any of you guys happen to find yourself in vegas, staring at the half price ticket menu boards scratching your heads wondering "what to see tonight" and you're not considering one of the "big" shows there, here's a recommendation for you.


PS Vegas at the end of November - beginning of December is an awesome time to be there. Temperature wise was perfect (we're from the pacific northwest, so, it was not that different from home - except we were dry LOL) - the car show is winding down, NASCAR has their champions week going on there then and the NFR rodeo is rolling into town all at the same time - and, it's cheap cheap cheap (or, at least it has been for us).
As I'm known for zombies, several people have brought this to my attention over the past year or so. I've looked into it a bit. And it looks like it could be some rotten good fun, with a side order of naughty necrosis. Chewy, thanks for the first-hand review of this show. I have no immediate plans to be in Vegas, but if I am, I'll keep it on my radar.