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By Liderc
You posted this a while back but figured I would respond anyways. I play xbox live a good amount, fills my time since I quit WoW after hitting 70 on my mage alt, but I usually play Call of duty2/3 my names Liderc21 if you want to contact me(Although I just had to send off my xbox 360 to get it fixed=x damn blinking red lights). I'll let ya know when I get it back and up and playing again Kitty, maybe we can meet up.
By Kittie
Cool, I got ya added.

I just purchased DDR Universe, and Tetris Evolution (ships on March 19th). I play alot of Burnout Revenge also.

My husband plays PGR 3, and when Halo 3 comes out, I am sure he will be into that one too.

Maybe I'll see ya online sometime.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I really want to play Rock Band 2, and I'm looking forward to Force Unleashed too. I may have to wait until November until I have time to play games though. :lol:
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By CombichristGirl
i added u :D i got rockband2 but my xbox is at a friends so i wont be able to play it til this weekend:( :)
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By zombombie
Would anyone else be interested in trading gamertags? Maybe through private messages so as to not garner unwanted attention.

Multi-player Left 4 Dead 2?! :)

If anyone wants mine just send me a message and we can game :)

Kitte - I'll get you added :D