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By OldTrustyLegs
Having been far too excited about the promo email I got last week (they really know their market), I headed over to Yankee Candle today to check out the new fall scents. I also got to chatting to the manager and she told me that the unveiling weekend for Boney Bunch this year is August 29, rather than the first week of August (something about a new owner of the company and wanting to release things closer to the actual holiday date). They've also got a new rewards program where you can get $5 rewards for every 10,000 points (sounds like a lot, but they're giving you 100 points for every $1 spent in the store). I don't recall them having that before, so if you're keen to start earning head over to

Anyway, the two new scents I ended up with are Autumn in the Park and Crisp Morning Air. Autumn in the Park smells a lot like Autumn Leaves with some apple thrown in. Crisp Morning Air is somewhere between Silver Birch and November Rain with a bit of vanilla. I'm sitting here huffing the wax tart as I type this. Divine. I'm making myself wait until at least the end of August to unleash them upon my house.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Ooh, good info. Yankee Candle was always one of those big retail events that kicked off the Halloween merch season fairly early. Now we have to wait until the end of August. Well, I hope it works out for their sales plans. Good to know the date.

In the meantime, we can start getting excited with the new fall (but not Halloween specific) scented candles. We still have some summer left to go, but I'm already getting the urge to stop burning my summer scents, and get the autumn candles blazing.
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By Mayor of Haddonfield
For any one that collects Boney Bunch, this year they will have 13 new pieces as well as a rerelease of a 2008 piece.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Here's a flier promoting the Yankee Candle Halloween event. Each year their products seem to have a dominant theme, be it skeletons or black cats... or in the case of 2015, what looks to be a witch theme. I already bought one of those witch hands last year. Looking forward to seeing what else they have this season.