Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
I just altered the URL, but I noticed that immediately. Not the worst thing that could happen though.
Good catch, guys. I was noticing some weird behavior with the shop layout, and so I removed that "back to main site" button temporarily during testing. Guess I forgot to replace it. Well just recently added that button link back, and in fact I gave the whole shop a facelift.

Since I was having issues with the old template, I figured I would just overhaul it all. This new shop template has bigger buttons for adding to cart, bigger product photos, and easier to see inventory bars. Overall, there are more options to integrate colors and backgrounds that match the main site.

What do you think?" onclick=";return false;
I love this new mobile layout! I'll check out my laptop layout and edit this post with more. Love the overhaul though! :thumbsup: