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monstermash wrote:Ryan you could always try and make that Sleepy Hollow Sign yourself. I mean its not like you've got loads to keep you busy at this time of year :wink: . Maybe an off season project?
You're quite right. It would be pretty easy to just duplicated it (trace it). But once I started on a project like that, I'd likely put my own spin on it. I just might do that! Well... probably in the off season. ;)

I look forward to seeing your version of it too!
sloaner wrote:I wanted lots of skull decor this year so this was a must buy.
I really like that skull candle stick. Cool texture, like it was roughly hewn with some chiseling blade. I also like the color. Most of the decorations I have on my shelves are some sorta grey or silver. I prefer silver to gold, and I like the monochromatic look. Looks classy, I think.
Here's my Sleepy Hollow sign attempt. I just traced it on to some ply wood, cut it out, painted it.


Instead of keeping it as a sign I decided to make it into a box using some of the same wood. It's nothing fancy but I like it.

Oh, and I made a slight change to the pumpkin. :wink:
Raven wrote:Monstermash, that is simply OUTSTANDING! Now I want to make one, but I'd probably just copy yours, so if I did make one I wouldn't show anyone. :P
Ha! You're so kind, copy away, that's all I did after all. I fancy making a few more but with different designs, maybe some film poster inspired ones. I've never been any good at drawing so if I can trace something I will. I don't think its cheating is it?
Whoa, monstermash... your Sleepy Hollow recreation is awesome! I think we're all just so impressed with how much it looks like the original art. Although I spotted your sneaky alteration. The jack o' lantern face of the original art has been swapped for the jack from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. Improvement! :thumbsup:
I love Homegoods (and not just for Halloween). Every year I see all kinds of cool Halloween stuff and I decide to wait and see what gets marked down after the season. Years ago there used to be tons of good stuff marked way down at the end of every season, but not so much any more. Less stuff and less of a mark-down. I guess I'm gonna have to buy it when I see it or risk missing out. I will travel to multiple Homegoods stores in my area (MA) to get what I want. There are 3 or 4 within a 30-40 minute ride and a couple more if I want to travel 45+ minutes. It's worht it. I'm gonna get cracking on Halloween stuff this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration! :phantom:
Mash that is fantastic. You should definitely do a How To thread because that is superb. It deserves its own thread as I have been avoiding this particular thread as it is slightly depressing seeing all the cool stuff that our American brethren have access to. Our search for decent Halloween stuff reminds me of Charlie Bucket desperately looking through the sweet shop window at all the other children devouring chocolate whilst he stands there, alone, resigned to his fate. Maybe one day we will get that golden ticket.

I would buy that sign if it were in the shops. Honestly. About 15 years ago, before I was into Halloween and carving, I saw a Slaughtered Lamb pub sign (reproduction) for sale on Camden market. It was cheap but bulky and the thought of carrying it across London on the Tube made me change my mind about buying it.

Matspud - every time Ryan looks at that sign from now on, his brain will tell his eyes " look at that triangle, it shouldn't be there." :shock: