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By shutterbug
....!!!...another amazing pattern by THE "Patch Master" ! Excellent Carve!...there's a Michaels punkin waiting for it downstairs! :thumbsup:
Only did 12 kin this year 'cause we moved! What a treat...& I kept them lit in the wind & the rain...without a crew of about 20!
My wife was actually looking forward to my festive season this time!!...Thanks for doing this pattern for my centerpiece this year!!!
By b2b
Just found out that the premier movie theater in town, (Cinetopia) is having a cult film festival series this year on Wednesday nights in 2014, and "Labyrinth" will be playing on the big screen March 19th! Excellent! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Perhaps I will bring Jareth.
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By The Carver
I've been hearing of a Dark Crystal sequil for years :thumbsup:
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