Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).

I apologize for asking this type of question but I'm hoping to find an answer. I love the avatar of the Tim Burton's "Vincent" character- but don't see the pattern in the Burton category. Was there ever one/am I missing it anywhere? Thank you, and apologies for this type of question. Thanks!
It was a V.I.P. pattern a few years ago. You never know though. It could become a permanent pattern sometime.
GhostUpontheFloor wrote:Thank you! I didn't know that the VIP patterns were retired from year to year. That is sad. I'd love for it to make a reappearance!
Yep each year we get new V.I.P. patterns and the old ones vanish. Most of the time you have to get them when they're here, but sometimes they become a permanent fixture. Kind of like Edgar Allen Poe.