Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
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By EarthGBilly
Greetings all!

I wasn't sure that I'd be posting anything this season. In the last year, I got a pretty big promotion at work, now in management, and time for anything not absolutely necessary has been at a premium, and, then, in the last month, I broke my foot.

You wouldn't think a broken foot would affect pumpkin carving, but it really does. All of my uncarved foam pumpkins are stored in crates in the basement, and the stairs leading to them are an adventure I was pretty unwilling to venture. Even getting the Dremel set up with the bungee cords above my head is a difficult thing to do on one foot.

Yet, I could not NOT carve. 'Tis the season, you know?

I ventured out to Michael's last week during the 50% off sale, and picked up four of their large foam pumpkins. The season will be abbreviated for me, but I'm bound and determined to get these four carved.

Today, I have terrible, terrible cell phone images of the first carve of the season. Proving I'm truly a corporate shill, I did this one for work. I didn't tell anyone I was doing it, I just did it and put it out, and then hobbled (remember, broken foot) back to my office. Reactions have been great, and I hope to get better pics later.

My first carve of the season - The Quality Inn Pumpkin!

Unlit (I painted the green background and black border, since this is being displayed on a desk counter that is lit 24/7):


Badly lit by just setting it on top of a lamp (I apologize, this is truly terrible):


One down, at least three to go! I got plans... :D
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By SuperSonic
Nice carve, even if it's for a company. Nice job getting some carves done! I know I wouldnt resist the urge, even if I had broken body parts..

Can't wait to see more.
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By nosferatu
You are clearly dedicated to the cause! Great carve but even more so when done with a broken foot. :shock: look forward to seeing more
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By CorpseBride
Looks great! Sorry to hear about your busted foot. Ouch ouch ouch. I feel your pain. Last season I busted my arm and there was NO CARVING for me! It was terrible!!!
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By EarthGBilly
Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Got my second pumpkin carved, and I've become hooked on making my own patterns. Figured since I'm probably only going to get four done this season, I can probably handle that!

And, for this photo, NOT a cell phone pick, AND prop-age!


My next carving is (hopefully) going to be something a bit more in the spirit of the season, one that I probably won't be taking to Trunk-or-Treat at my church! :lol:
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By nosferatu
That's fabulous. Great carve and I love the props. Small details but they really enhance the picture. Roll on the next one!
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By amandap80
Those facial features are great, wonderful job!
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By EarthGBilly
Thanks for all the encouraging comments. I'm glad you all have liked what I've managed to do this year!

I know a lot of folks consider Bela Lugosi as THE Dracula when they think of the character.

Not me.

As a child, one of my great memories was watching the Saturday afternoon horror showcases from local stations with my father. In this area, we had Sir Graves Ghastly, and then after that the Channel 20 Saturday Afternoon Thriller.

And, you know what we were lucky enough to have on HEAVY rotation with those? Hammer Films. Sitting there on the couch with my father, on his only day off from the auto plant, watching those great films... some of the greatest memories of my life.

Since I was raised with Hammer Films, though, *my* Dracula looked a little more like this...


Another original pattern. I may go back are re-do this one at some point. I'm happy with it, but I see room for improvement.

Thanks for looking!
I wasn't raised on Hammer Horror, but I certainly have a major respect for those. You'll be seeing the likes of Lee and Cushing added to my pattern collection eventually! Really nice work on your Drac. More fine details that I'm usually willing to put into my patterns, but if your'e willing to carve it, that style looks utterly fantastic. :)=
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By EarthGBilly
Thanks for the continued great comments!

High praise from the Patch Master!!! Ryan, if those patterns of Cushing and Lee were already here, you'd have saved me a TON of work!!! Looking forward to seeing and carving them when you put them out!