Pumpkin patch practices and gourd garden grooming.
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Beautiful! Good price for such beastly albino fruits. What is their intended fates?
I was thinking of Undead Ted, or perhaps another multi-page pattern that is soon to be released! I think I will sculpt one as well.
ghostface wrote:You're going to need a bigger carving tool.. :lol:
Yeah, those babies might get the SawzAll. :lol:
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By Raven
I didn't see any white pumpkins at my local Kroger last night. I did pick up a nice regular 'kin though. I will have to go back and check again. I think I'd like to carve a white one this year just to be different.
We don't have any pumpkin farms close to us, the nearest one is a bit of a train journey for us. And there are only the carving ones available. I wish we had more variety here... :?