Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
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By monstermash
It's probably just my computer or maybe i'm missing a trick but when I try to view any of the pictures in either gallery they seem to show up behind everything thats on the page. I dont know if im making any sense but if I can get a picture of it i'll show you what I mean. Anyone else having this happen?

Ryan, just ignore this for the time being seeing as this is you're super-dooper busy period and frankenstorm is right around the corner. I'd just thought i'd mention it.
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By nosferatu
I know what you mean, it was doing that to me before but now is working fine. The gallery for this year will be exceptional.
Interesting. Well its a new feature, might need some tweaking. To see an image of what's happening on your screen might help, and also letting me know what operating system and web browser you're using will help narrow down the trouble shooting. Shouldn't be a difficult fix, I don't think.

It probably goes without saying (since some areas of the site have minimal or no content at the moment) that I plan to continue with the updates after Halloween as well. Not just waiting until next summer/fall, but right into this November. Besides possibly fixing the gallery, there will be more content and updates. So please stick around people!

Right now it's all about making sure the main focus of the site is working... gotta post all the patterns, answer the customer email, monitor the web servers.... and hope that this hurricane outside doesn't knock out my power. The lights have been flickering!
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By monstermash
Yeah, dont worry about it, I can look at the gallery any time. I don't know anything about my computer really, I only know I use internet explorer, windows something or other and I have a mouse and a keyboard... :roll:
Here's what it looks like:
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By sloaner
Cool, when did the gallery go up. And someone out there on the internets takes pictures very similar to me hahaha. Thanks for putting those up for my Ryan. I will probably add a few more.
The gallery lurched to life over the weekend. Sloaner, your pics are great, I grabbed a couple to seed the 2012 show and give people some ideas. Hope that's cool. Feel free to submit more. Only a select handful may be chosen for display, but all will be considered for the contest.
By robomurito
I am having the same issue with the galleries, as shown in the earlier post, on both a laptop and a desktop computer, running Internet Explorer and no idea what Windows because I'm computer incompetent.

And also super-stoked to have pictures in the gallery.
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By amandap80
To check your version of Windows, Click your [Start] button on your task bar, then type 'msinfo32' in your 'Search' or 'Run' box and hit [Enter].