Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
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By Raven
I have the COOLEST nephew ever! Today was his 7th birthday and he decided he wanted a Halloween themed party! It brought a tear of pride to my eye. He had his party at a laser tag place, also his idea, and after shooting friends and family we had cupcakes and opened presents.

His mom made orange cupcakes with green or purple frosting and small chocolate skulls and spider sprinkles.

She also made Jack o'lantern cupcakes. His name is Jax and he told me the one with his name on it is a "Jax o'lantern".

Coffin shaped brownies with gummy worms and skull sprinkles. She got the coffin mold/pan at AC Moore (craft store).

His big sister made chocolate skull pops.

Every kid got a goody bag to take home with a skull pop, Halloween tattoo's, a mask to wear and some of these cool bat shaped crayons.

And the birthday boy, amazingly standing still after all that sugar. :P
I love the cupcakes. I plan on making some like that for my Halloween party. I will have to find a coffin pan like that to make brownies, such a great idea. Great pics RD.
Holy crayons, Batman. Never seen anything like those before.

The treats are perfectly themed, I'm sure the birthday boy was thrilled. Hopefully the other kids and their parents are equally enamored with creepy stuff. Not everyone is keen on eating worms, but they should be!

If I was born in October, EVERY birthday party would be Halloween themed. In fact, I still try to add Halloween themes to my birthday and I was born in December. :lol:
Ohh mann!!! I would LOVE to try something like this! I think I know what my birthday is going to be like next year, thats for sure.

Everything is perfect, from the cupcakes, to the brownies! Oh I would have loved something like this for my birthday THIS year. I certainly hope that boy is proud, for he was spoiled rotten on his day!