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By keifferone
Will the past logo pins ever be available? I just think it would be cool to have the whole set.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Probably not, I'm sorry to say. While I love the "side business" of selling ZP products, most people are just here for digital carving patterns. At this time, I don't sell quite enough physical merchandise to justify stocking large quantities. These items have to be made in bulk amounts and paid for up front.

But I do like these pins. They're fairly popular and easy to ship. I'd like to keep making them, for each Halloween's pumpkin mascot. And maybe I could occasionally make a pin for an older design too. Perhaps a commemorative one to note its anniversary. Or maybe conduct a poll to find out which old character would be most popular as a pin, and then make it.
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By pagemaster1993
I love the pins, and hope to see more.