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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Because the forum was down for most of the season, we sadly didn't get to do our usual games (guessing the theme/title, guessing the launch date, and gift swaps). To make up for it, I'm choosing posts at random (based on my own pre-planned criteria) to win prizes. To increase your chances, just post often (with well thought out comments). If you happen to post on the right time, on the right topic, or just get lucky with my random generator, you'll be able to win a prize from the shop.
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By Beast75
What a fantastic idea. I’ve been a bit out of sorts this year. The build up to Halloween for is this site/forums ( here in the uk xmas decorations are out before Halloween and usually take preference in most stores) so I get my excitement levels up here 👍🏻 :D
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By SuperSonic
Secrets are always good! I've already "won" enough goodies for one year!

Just found the ones you hid in my poster box! :)=
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