Display some killer Halloween artwork you've found or created yourself.
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By Raven
So out of the blue I decided I wanted to make an Ouija Board. I usually make and sell jewelry, but the urge for something creepy hit me and I've done a bit of wood burning before, so decided to try my hand at making a board. That quickly turned into making 3 of them with a 4th one started but not yet complete.

I started with a piece of Basswood with the natural bark still on the edges of the wood. I wanted it to have a more "natural" look to it instead of a piece of cardboard. I then transferred a background image on paper to the wood. Little did I know at the time, but the image is extremely difficult to burn through. I drew on all the letters, numbers and other symbols and burned those into the wood. After, at the suggestion of a few people on FB, I took a torch and scorched the edges of the wood. The first board I used a round piece of wood, again with the bark on the edges for the planchette. Cut a hole in it, burned a pattern and then scorched the edges. The other two I have made have the more traditional shaped planchette.

This first board I made is sold.


Had to get a creepy view.

Raven and Skull board.

And finally a "mini" board. It's not as large as the other two. I had to have a Halloween themed one and someone suggested "blood" splatter on one.

The one I am working on now will actually be carved instead of burned...and it will glow in the dark. If I can make it all work and if I get it done. :P
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Raven's back, with another crafty art project! :) I love Ouija boards, and making your own surely makes them unique. Obviously you'd be doing something different for each one. I must say, they look professional, and yet they have enough of that homemade hand-crafted appearance to make them seem like they could be ancient. And haunted. Definitely haunted.
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By Pumpkinfreak
Wow, those look amazing! :shock:
Would like to say which one I like the most, but they all look fantastic.
They look very professional and the designs are stunning! Also love the idea of the one you're currently working on, glow in the dark AND carved instead of burned, looking forward to seeing the result on that one!
Great job Raven! :thumbsup: