Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
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By Lala
I had to go see it tonight! LOVED it and now I need Patterns! At least Mavis!! :-)

(although I loved all of the characters - Eunice - Bride of Frankenstein - was awesome!)

Pretty please with Pumpkins on top?
By Ajax
Have to agree haven't seen it yet but it fits right in with this site. It's 1 this week. It looks like a fun movie.
By Ajax
Watched this today and it was awesome I think a pattern should be made from this for sure and you should all go see it.
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By NikkiRae
I know I'm a bit behind everyone, but I saw this movie Friday night. Absolutely adorable! I think a pattern from this would make a great addition to the Kreatures for Kids category! Mavis as a bat was cute as can be.
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By pagemaster1993
Put me on board. Didn't get the chance to see the second one yet.
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By Lala
We saw the 2nd one on opening day.It's Fantastic.
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By BigScience
Since we now have 3 Hote Transylvania movies, I thought we could use more of the characters!

The Drac is great, but don’t forget Frank, Murray, Mavis, Jonathan, Dennis, Wayne, and Blobbie! :fangs: :jack_o_lantern: