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By chuckwagon
Maybe "daisy chain" isn't the correct term, but I am counting 14 foamies that i have in my room on display year round plus more that I'm carving this year, not counting the others that I bring out of storage for Halloween... I'm interested in making some sort of system of lights on a strand similar to the Christmas Village type lights that pop into the base of the little houses, and the wiring strand keeps going to the next house... Typically there are only 3 or 4 light on those strands, and I would like to make something like it myself but space the bulbs out by a foot and a half or so to allow for the chord to have enough length to run from 'kin to 'kin... Has anyone with high amounts of foamies made anything like what i'm thinking of, before? If so I'm curious as to how long, how spaced, what gauge wire, and what size/wattage bulbs did you use? I'm thinking about the C-7 bulbs, but don't know how hot those get and what kind of damage they can do to foamies. Don't wanna hurt the precious'
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By amandap80
I use a c7 Christmas light strand, and remove bulbs for those I don't use to provide spacing. It is kinda ugly, but I hide the wire with Spanish moss. OR, I use howler lights and get the 4.5 volt Lemax village adapters to light 3 of them off a single plug.
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By chuckwagon
That's exactly what I want to do, but I want to make a slightly longer strand. I was thinking about getting 2 or 3 of those christmas village strands and wiring them together, but from and electricity standpoint, I'm clueless about what gauge wire is safe to use by doing that. I don't want to have to much stuff going on my strand and risk popping a fuse or overworking the chord and causing it to catch fire.
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By Doh
I purchased spt-2 wire, spt-2 c-9 sockets, spt-2 male/female plugs, and a grip load of c-9 orange bulbs from a christmas light supply place:" onclick=";return false; ... -Pack.html" onclick=";return false; ... -Pack.html" onclick=";return false; ... -Pack.html" onclick=";return false; ... -Plug.html" onclick=";return false; ... lbs+orange" onclick=";return false;
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By Pumpken
Be sure and look at Doh's tutorial on makeing your own string of light. I followed his directions and it works great.

I Like to put my pumpkins on row that are stacked, but got tired of taking out bulbs to get the proper spacing, So I cut sheets of plywood 16" wide, 8' long. Drilled holes spaced the right distance to hold two largest pumpkins side by side (I think it was 11"), laid the wire on the board and stuck the socket up through, then attached the socket. I thinks I left 2' on each end before attaching the plugs.

I now have shelves that hold 9 pumpkins each perfectly spaced and the lights that fit every time I set it up.

Thanks for the pointers Doh.