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By SuperSonic

I made this in photoshop this afternoon while still bothered about how my costume wasn't coming together (although I fixed the problem :) )

This is going to be put on a shirt and given to my brother as a Christmas present. Theres an inside joke between us with Zuul.

All of a sudden, he was bemused with saying the "Zuul" part of Dana's famous line, "There is no Dana, only ZUUL!!!" It would practically end every sentence at the time. So eventually I joined in on the fun and we would just say Zuul in different methods (like a question, statement, and various other forms of english speech).

So since he likes it so much, I decided that now was the time to act, and with this! :

What do you all think?
Thanks for the compliments guys! It brings me even greater pleasure to know that Ryan likes it.

I think the only part I might change (based on detail and the largeness of the file). I might change the "Ghostbusters" portion to the Ghostless "O". Just for ease of screen printing. Since I don't know if the place I'm taking it to will do something that elaborate. If not I will find someone to do it.

Who knows what Santa will bring you Ryan :wink: