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When I do find time for gaming, I've been spending months, on and off, playing Borderlands 2 with a friend of mine. Put well over 100 hours into that game. Yikes. But I'm really anxious to play The Last of Us, that looks amazing.
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By zombombie
Just started Dishonored. Has a bit of a Bioshock feel to it which is no bad thing. And I loved Bioshock Infinite.

Been thinking recently of getting away from console gaming and moving onto building my own gaming PC. It's an expensive start but it should last through the next console gen :)
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By zombombie
New plan.

I've bought a PS3 with The Last of Us (can't wait to try that!) and I'll be selling my 360 - so any of you with my gamertag, sorry we never got to play together!

I have a PS Vita and I've got a PS+ subscription. For the amount of money that Xbox Live Gold costs, PS+ totally beats it. "Free" games (more like subscription, but still!) every month, can't be sniffed at. And really Microsoft showed their true colours this year at E3 and I just don't think I want to be supporting that company anymore.
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By chuckwagon
I just recently dusted off the PS3 and have picked up where I left off with my old games... currently i am bouncing between Red Dead Redemption, Gran Turismo 5, Brothers in Arms - Hell's Highway, and Tiger Woods - The Masters
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By sloaner
My PS3 is basically only used as a blueray player. I will defiantly be buying an XBOX one. The new systems are both good but I have had no problems with my 360, can't say the same for my PS3. I just downloaded boarderlands 2 for $10, but after I am done with that game I might get state of decay. That looks like a very fun zombie game.
Team Fortress 2 as well as DotA (Defence of the Ancients). Hooked to both, so much so that my day is incomplete without playing either of them for a couple of hours at least. And when I finish with these, I move onto lighter games (yes, games again!) which I play with my daughter, such as these fun pet games which she loves playing or even candy crush saga. We're a perfect 'gaming family'! :thumbsup:
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By SuperSonic
Well. A lot of games at the moment. More specifically though?


Alien: Isolation (I may just end up buying it for my PS4. I hardly use my PS3 for Isolation at the moment).

Street Fighter 4


PvZ: Garden Warfare
Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Theres another game I cannot recall the name of.

Wii U

Smash Brothers for Wii U (Smash 4)
Super Mario Maker
Mario Kart 8
Bayonetta 1+2
Lately I've been bouncing back and forth between Left 4 Dead and Disney Infinity (1.0). I also play the Ghostbusters The Game. All played on X-Box 360. I hope to start getting more games. You know Left 4 Dead 2, Disney Infinity 2.0 and 3.0, and et cetera.
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By chuckwagon
purple1worm wrote:I like hidden object games! I find them on game sites and the prices are pretty decent! :D
I downloaded "Secret Society: Hidden Mystery" on my Kindle so I would have something to do on my flights to and from work. It's a fantastic hidden object game. Very tough as it progresses. It's free, and you only pay for additional items IF YOU WANT. You're never obligated to buy anything at all.

Since I'm more into mobile gaming because of my job, and travel, I'm always doing either that game, Deer Hunter 2014, or a mini-golf game that's becomming addictive. I've been really into console gaming in the past, and was even a member of the CLERIC clan on the original Kill Zone for PS2, and was very active with game battles online. Also was quite addicted to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005. Actually was ranked 16th in the nation at one point with that particular game.

These days, my love for console gaming is pretty retro. I've been slowly collecting much of the first 4 generations of Nintendo, and the Atari 2600. I have over 300 NES cartridges alone for the original 8-bit system.

Some of my favorite games of all time are: Super Mario Brothers 1-3, Paperboy, River Raid, Pitfall on the 2600, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Pilotwings on SNES, Gran Turismo, Skyrim, Myst, Riven... Geeze, I guess I like a lot of games...