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By zombombie
So it seems that my Halloween has just been given ANOTHER massive boost. So far I have Doctor Caligari, Alice Cooper, and now my lovely wife has booked us this for our anniversary:

"Dare you check-in at The Altonville Motel?

The Altonville Motel cordially invites you to book into one of their delightful themed suites. Following the incidents surrounding the old McLynn farm, the Motel was shut in 2006. However, now under new management, the doors have reopened and await your arrival.

In a statement, the Motel management said ''We hope that people realise that what they may have heard about the Motel and the Surrounding areas is just local folklore. Any interested guests should book their rooms immediately to avoid bitter disappointment and if they book now, 'special' entertainment will be laid on for the lucky few.''

The Alton Motel Scarerooms is an extreme theatrical experience that will take place the moment you check in through till 2:00am. Including a 3 course dinner as a part of your night's stay, please be aware that by booking this experience, performers will have access to your rooms and some of your personal data. We ask that you please pack appropriate footwear and clothing, as some of this experience will take place outdoors."

We're staying the night at the theme park Alton Towers!

Check this out: ... #Halloween

I'm so excited it's just silly :D :D
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By nosferatu
That's a really good deal, I'd love to stay in a Halloween themed room. The nearest I've come to that is a pirate themed room at Legoland Windsor which was great fun but outrageously expensive.

You are going to have a brilliant Halloween. All those events are awesome, hope you have a brilliant time.
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By nosferatu
Cool photos! Is that Sonic now in your living room? At least they made the effort with their display. Love that stand in kin.
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By monstermash
Did you have fun? My brother went at the start of Oct but didn't take any pics. Your toilet pic makes me laugh, me and my bro have done a stupid thing for years whenever we go on holiday. We take a picture of the hotel room/villa/caravan toilet flushing. I know it sounds weird but we always do it. Where ever we stay, as long as there is a toilet, we take a snap. A clean toilet mind, nothing dodgy in it before we flush. Why have I just told you that?!?! I'm quite normal, honestly. :lol:
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By zombombie
monstermash wrote:I'm quite normal, honestly. :lol:
Aye right! ;)

Had loads of fun - don't know if starting our visit on Oblivion was wise :lol: Great fun though, we went through The Carnival of Screams and The Sanctuary (an insane asylum). Both of those were great fun, though my wife is terrified of clowns so the carnival probably wasn't smart :lol:
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By nosferatu
I'm useless on rides. Absolutely useless you'll find me holding the coats and bags. Clowns? Now, I lurve them.

No flush but hey