Exploring the many uses of patterns for other craft projects.
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By monstermash
Nice stuff ghostface. I did loads a few years back, can't remember how many. They look good with different coloured lights too. I used glowsticks which gave off a nice light and helped to weigh them down. They're cheep too, which is always good.
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By staticfurball
What a great idea, I was going to make something similar but instead I was going to cut out the stencils with black cardboard and modge podge them to small drinking glasses and old picture frames. But with the bags I could place them upside down and hang them from a string of lights....a nice creepy guarland for this year.
Looks great. If Ryan had a contest of most Zombie Pumpkins stencils used on a non-pumpkin medium it looks like you'd win
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By ghostface
amandap80 wrote:Wow, that is freaking awesome! Great job!

Thanks! I plan on doing plenty more just haven't had the time.
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By CorpseBride
WOW Ghostface!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Those are stunning, and eerily well done! They are so clean and sharp. You really knocked these out of the park. You have inspired me to try to make something like that!