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By SuperSonic
Hey everybody. I was in Hallmark recently and started on the ornament craze! I know its a tad early (and even they know it) for the ornament frenzy but I thought I'd post here the notables I found in their stores/Dreambook.

Jack Sneaks A Peak
Obviously we all know who this is! A notable mention now for years to come. I asked the woman at the counter if they plan on making more TNBC ornaments now, since for trhe past 3 years they have been. This is the reply I got (no sense of its accuracy however).

"When we started the TNBC ornaments 3 years ago we had an agreement with Disney/Tim Burton that we would produce a total of 6-10 ornaments over the next years equal to the amount of years we had a contract"

This implies that there should be more Jack Skellington to come!

The 2012 Super Heroes

The name says it all, The Avengers, Spider-Man, GL, Batman and so on. A very good mention as to the fans of all these heroes that we have on the site.


Anyone wanna take a guess as to what that is without reading the rest of this review and clicking on the link? The DeLorean from Back to the Future of course! This one is probably one of the most surprising ornaments. Mostly because there had been no previous ones before it, but that now leaves room for the stars of the film to come in and be ornaments themselves!

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

Yes our favorite marshmallow man returns to the spot light in this very well detailed ornament. Plays music from the Ghostbusters theme song like the Ecto-1 before it. A very good ornament if your a GB fan.

Theres a ton more here 2012 Dreambook I just thought I'd highlight some of my favorites.
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By sloaner
I want a bunch of those. Stay puff, ironman, thor, batman and spiderman are all on my list. I should make a Halloween tree this year.