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By St0ney

I know your all about the appearance of the forum,
One thing I always liked is a Center button added to the BBC code buttons.

This way if people want to give their post a Title in the post, it would be center.
Or if an Image or Youtube Video is posted, it will also center that in the post.

Instead of everything being sent Far Left.
(I just think it's more appealing to look at.)

Here's the code if your inclined to add.

BBCode usage
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HTML replacement
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<div align="center">{TEXT}</div>
Help line
This will center your Photo / Video or Text
Display on posting page (Checked)

Thanks St0ney
Thanks for the tip, fellow BBC'er. Generally, I'm cool with left-alignment, particularly for blocks of text. That's how books are typeset, easiest to read. But centering can look cool for headlines or images. I'll see if I can find a "middle" ground, so to speak. :lol: