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By Kayo
woah! this will take getting used to the current brain injury may be why its harder for me to adjust. although i liked the "posts sinse last visit" link that seems to be missing now :(
Kayo, I agree... that link to view posts since last visit is one of the features I use most. Now you can find it in the row of links on the main forum index:


I think what you're seeking is View new posts (shows you new posts since your last visit). You can also View unanswered posts (to give some ignored topics some love), View unread posts (which shows any threads containing a post you haven't loaded yet), and View active topics (which show you a list of all new posts from a certain date range, such as posts from the last day, week, month).
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By Kayo
i don't remember making this topic :D. thanks Ryan for the new links and what they do ill go pushing random links unill either i figure it out or the site explodes YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WARNED 8)
No problem, Kayo. Click away! :)

And yeah, I've been splitting some posts off into new threads when someone brings up a good question about a new/changed feature. Thanks to everyone's testing and question asking today, we're already building a nice little knowledge base of forum tutorial posts.