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By Raven
Anyone catch this one? It was very reminiscent of LOST with a few ghosts thrown in. Both slightly cheesy and a little creepy at times. I think it's a mini series that lasts 6 episodes (at least that's what a friend told me). You can view full episodes at
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Haven't seen it. I seem to have trouble making time for new TV shows. I still have to catch up on the current season of The Walking Dead. And I'm anxious to catch up on old seasons of Dexter.

If The River takes off and continues on, I might look into it after the first season is done. According to wikipedia, it debuted on ABC as a midseason replacement. Eight episodes will be produced for the first season.
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By staticfurball
I watched a bit of it and its ok ill probably catch up with online episodes when I get the time.