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I couldn't find a post requesting this ghoul in particular, but I know there's always a clamor for more zombie patterns. And what better zombie than the first one seen in 1968's Night of the Living Dead? A zombie who basically paved the way for our modern vision of the Romero-zombie.

I had this pattern in the works for a while, but now seemed like a good time to get it done and push it out. The actor Bill Hinzman passed away on February 5th at the age of 75, after a battle with cancer. But like any good zombie, he'll live on forever in film history.

Cemetery Zombie
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By nosferatu
Lovely tribute. He will be well remembered this autumn.

Great first pattern of the year.
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By MooBoo
Excellent pattern! May he live on forever on pumpkins too.
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By pagemaster1993
Very nice. Do not ever remember watching the movie yet, but will attempt to get my hands on a copy. In Honor of Bill.
By Ajax
Very Nice, hope there are more of Romeros zombies to come this year I sense a theme. :D Great detail and likeness.
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By Pumpken
It is great to see a new pattern already this year. Nice job!
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By ghostface
Fantastic pattern to start out 2012!
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By monstermash
My first proper introduction to Romero was "Night". I have both the colour and the black and white version, actually two black and whites. Definately best in the latter. I could picture at least a dozen Georges zombies in ZP form. Cemetery Zombie is a terrific start to possibly the last halloween ever and a touching tribute to a man that has probably in some small way inspired a generation. :D