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By nosferatu
Actually watching on BBC4 right now.

Best interview with him I have seen. Alcoholism, music, Christianity - the persona of Alice -Mary Whitehouse, great interview. He is so NORMAL.
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By monstermash
I dont tend to listen to Alice Copper but the interview was really interesting. I always try to tune in to Mark Lawson interviews. He seemed like a really nice, totally normal, freakishly normal, guy. :)
Im sure it will be somewhere online if any non-uk'ers want to watch it.
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By OldTrustyLegs
He really is quite normal. A friend of mine is his personal assistant and the pictures he (my friend) posts on Facebook are of things like brunch with the family on Mother's Day. My mother met Alice last time he was in town (the night before I got home for the holidays!) and said it was almost weird how normal he was.