Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
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By atariboy
wish I would have seen post sooner to check out your decorations, I live in Nampa and always try to find houses with some good decorations. BTW Decorations look awesome. Maybe I'll catch them next year.
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By Lala
Oh cool!

I have more pix from Halloween/decor but work has taken hold of me. I can't wait to post the pix!
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By Lala
Oh, it's been TOO LONG! I never posted pix from last year, which I will do in a little bit. Once November hits (I'm a baby photographer) my life is just too busy. It kind of sucks.

Anyway, we had a great year. Of course, I didn't get to work on any Halloweeny props all year, but I am starting now in August.

We've already started to plan/create our Halloween Costumes - We are going to be a Steampunk couple with overtones of Starwars (his favorite) and Back to the Future (my favorite) and maybe some...Ghostbusters..heh

Also have some pix to share from April - I made a (Harry Potter) Sorting Hat for my Godson's Birthday - it came out pretty cool if I do say so myself!

Yay! Zombie Pumpkins time!!!
I can't figure out where to post this, so I will just post it here - I found this game on eBay after wanting it for YEARS (like, seriously 25 years) - I bought it and it will be MINE! We are huge "Clue" fans so I thought this would be fun to play with my Godson. He just got into Clue this year (he's 9. I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER for him to want to play Clue) and after a summer of playing it, he can BEAT me at it. Crazy.

trying to add a photo but flash keeps crashing - I will try later.
That game looks awesome. I use to love playing Clue.

I can't wait to see your yard display this year! I still hate that I no longer live in Idaho and now I know where I can find an awesome display. Maybe I should plan my next visit for the end of October. :)
I've been trying to figure out what I want to work on this year for the haunt and I think I have something!

I'm going to make this area next to my front door a mad scientist lab, and put the "mad scientist" up in the tree. I can easily block off the area so people can't go in and touch my stuff as well. Here is a bad photo of where (the tree needs trimming!)

IMG_9654 by Lala (Shady Lane Studios), on Flickr

So excited!
I'm trying to find her family, but I feel like crying when I think I might have to give her back :-( sniff...sniff

The other cats aren't thrilled, but oh well.

and I think her name might be Binx. or maybe "Bynx" to make it "girlier" (I'm not usually a fan of kreativ spellings for names but it's a boy name on a girl cat)

Now, friends, help me. All of my other cats have had 3 names

Tabitha Jane Twitchit (no longer with us) - Tabbie
Twilight Rosalie Cullen - Twila
Wednesday Friday Addams - Wedsy
and then

Binx? I need 3 names. haha. it's the weird things like this that bug me.
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