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By Starparty
This may have been asked before, but out of all the patterns to choose from, which one is your favorite?

I think mine is Jack Sparrow. It drives me mad carving the beads on his beard, but it looks so great!
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By pagemaster1993
I think Frankenstein's Monster is my favorite out off all the ones I have carved so far.
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By SuperSonic
I can't choose a favorite, since 3 tie for first.

Patch Master
Sonic the Hedgehog (obviously :D).

All of which I have carved before and turned out fantastic
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By nosferatu
Looking over previous years carvings, I seem to always do Frankenstein's Monster, Herman Munster and Ghoul.

E.T. is an outstanding pattern though - I've carved that three times too
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By ghostface
I have 2....
Ghostface(Of course!)
& Phantom of the Opera. 8)
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By monstermash
Although I didn't carve him this year my favourite has got to be Frankensteins Monster. After that its the Munsters, Bloody Mary, Oogie Boogie, Gelatin Skeleton, Howl-O-Ween, Sandy Gauze, Undead Ted, Night Owl, Root, Ghoul, Nosferatu, Wolfman - actually all the classic monsters, and the list goes on and on and on!!!!
But if my pattern collection was set on fire, a la Misery, I'd save Frankensteins Monster first. :)
By Ajax
Tough question :?

Out of 2011 patterns

1)Deadite Ash
2)Johnny Cash

I'm also very fond of Frankie Stein and batboy :? So many great patterns to hard to choose.


2)VIncent Price
3) Leprechaun

If I had to pick only one pattern I could take to a deserted Island with me I would choose Ash.
By Ajax
I think Cryptkeeper deserves a big shout out to such a great pattern.
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By Kayo
frankie stine or barron mojo were my favorite this year they took a bit longer and more sawing skill but i just loved them and they got the most comments
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By Pumpken
My favorite this year was Frankie Stein.
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By CorpseBride
Such a tough question. I would say Vincent Price and The Baron Mojo top my list. But the Burton patterns are all amazing too, you could never force me to pick just one! :twisted:
By ethanasg48
I like a lot, But My favorite this year was Frankie Stein.
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By sloaner
Very hard to say...

I have always liked Dia de los muertos(havent tried it yet) and flesh feast is another great one.