Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
well ok frightening because i'm so bad at it. I'm cutting out patterns into poster board its my first year in a new naborhood and i didnt really have the cash for all the decorations i wanted outside :cry:. i have one done its not the cleanest work i've ever done but what can i really do. i'm going to do another one for the other side of the house. than of course pumpkins later this week.

album will be updated as i complete projects
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By Kayo
now that i have been able to get on via something other than my ipod touch. photos have been added into that album the patterns have been a big hit i didnt have enough pumpkins for all the patterns i wanted to use so i cut some into window art and i did my best to tell everyone where to find them. 8) :D
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By nosferatu
I think they look great too. I love your Baron Mojo carving, its one of my all time favourite patterns.

Excellent work! 8)
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By monstermash
The patterns on the window look brilliant, I love that purpley colour. Impressive carves too. Don't stress out about decorations, I know its easy to say, I do the same thing. Before you know it you will have a lovely collection of props to scare the neighbourhood. :twisted:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
You've been busy, Kayo. Great idea to get your fill of every design you want to use by way of that window art. And the fact that you did the ZP logo is something I appreciate. Thanks for letting everyone know where you get your patterns! You rock.