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Ryan makes an evil alter ego stencil for each "cutesy" one?

No, I wuv fwuffee bunnees
Yes, ..make em dark, bad, mean psycho killers (etc etc)
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By SuperSonic
nosferatu wrote:Twas me. :lol: :lol: Love those fwuffy bunny wabbits. I've always been a political activist! What would be the alter ego for Thomas the Tank Engine?
Diesel! :lol:
Girls dolls
Angry birds x7

aah fudge, I was hoping I dreamt it all
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By Raven
I voted for evil but what I really want to see is more Halloween themed unique creations. Bats, ghosts, witches, haunted houses, grave yard.. all that together in one pattern.. something like that. :)
Mes, the way i've rationalised it with Izzy is to allow her to watch the likes of dr who confidential (the programmes of the filming of each episode of dr who)

& the makings of of various dvds, this way she see's the film, gets to grips with characters & recognises actors (& their voices in other roles) ..the basic line for anything vaguely gorey being to watch "it" with her & repeatedly explaining that the blood is just tomatoe saucey stuff & the actors wash it off, get changed & drive home to their families every night regardless of what happens on the shows.

this is why she has no qualms watching more grown up material (walking dead fr example), she's processed & understood to differentiate between actors, tv fx, latex masks etc, so the fact that we make things a bit scarey help her challenge concept.
we started her at a very early age, she's a very considerate kid likely to ask questions rather than have gut reactions & immediate disdain.

Think it will stand her in good stead.
more radically (I suppose)? she understands to a large degree brusque language in context, as lets face it she hears stuff all over the place, better she gets to grips & is able to use language in a choice manner at the appropriate time to best effect :lol:

..we've recently been using the term Ar$ehole in relation to others behaviour, part of her understanding has actually made her too polite & more likely to be a doormat so we're endeavouring to create balance.
(she won't necessarily say it ..but she will think it & tell us what led to that estimation of someone elses character) ..&As a result she will challenge both childrens behaviour, requesting a modification & even her teachers rather than just doing whatever instructed if she cannot agree, ..yes including the head at her school

(she never actually swears, anything she deems possibly naughty she'll talk through with us generally starting off with the line, please don't tell me off for saying this ..but that .........(insert subject matter / person) is ... so she checks whether it's ok & why if not, strictly adhering to it, judging herself & rationalising thoughts & opinions.
think she'll make a great judge or the worst politician! :lol:

The difference between the US & the uk (IMHO) halloween is that dressing up never really existed 25 yrs ago (unless it was dressing up in adult clothes & emulating via play, now children have , disneyfication, adverts, sat channels, comics, parks, disney stores etc, so character play has grown in abundance (partly sat tv) & the inevitable costumes purchased in lieu of actual parent child time over here. so rather than a parent making a costume, it's deemed ok (oh well others are doing it & she likes it , ..& I haven't got time) to wear what the kid wears for parties "she wanted to go as a princess" ..etc :? (..point being it's another kids party, he's possibly the special on for a few hours).
So what was a celebration of spookiness transmogrifies in the uk to dress up as anything the hell you wan't ..lazy parenting in the uk, the lines between lazy parent & ok blurred because it's been different in the US & therefore much more acceptable for many many years a few generations.

So we lose out here in the uk based on what is absorbed via foriegn TV with many things :lol: :o :roll:
This is another reason I'm not opening the door & handing out candy this year, too many disney princesses, mutters of too scarey amongst some really stupid people who are that glib as to ignore the history & timelines of Halloween celebrations ..making it just a dress up night where kids expect candy at the door without a bloody clue as to the lines "trick or treat"

Halloween should be like a roller coaster ride full of anticipation, putting the wind up yourself in anticipation of the ride, a thrill & a buzz, combined with the satrisfaction of good fun whilst challenging ones self by being that bit braver than on a normal day (or night) ..something Izzy would attest to on her first trip out on a proper grown up roller coaster this summer ...followed by going round it another 5 times! :lol:

Whatever else happens in this world i'm determined that she has a conscience grounding her whichever way she go's & something rooted to come back to should she stray, this has meant not stifling stuff with brush aways like "you're too young, you wouldn't understand"

..had a funny "what if" conversation about male & female genitalia last night ..ending with what if they were made of cheese! :lol:

Also another reason we stopped at one kid, I want to actually "parent" her & personally I couldn't do the same (imho) with more than one child,(same with my cat) that & there is terrible overpopulation on the planet already.

it's a gradual process :lol:
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By ghostface
Hopefully Ryan is done with the cutesy because we only have 8 days left til Halloween, so bring on the scary evilness! :twisted: