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By Lala
We've finally decided this year to be a Ghostbuster and a ghost (and I cheated and bought my husband's costume, we just bought a house so I just didn't have time) but now, to make a ghost costume.

I always wait until the last minute it seems...gah.

Well, I guess I'll get a bunch of white clothes, fabric, tulle etc and fashion myself a ghost costume (kind of like the ghostbusters logo with the circle/line but more girly)

I will post my progress here!
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By staticfurball
My cousin and I are hosting a party together and that was one of our option..what a great idea :)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Love the idea, can't wait to see the progress and final picks too. It's amazing what you can do under time pressure, have no fear. I do it every year. ;)
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By Lala
I stopped by the thrift store and got a white on white striped sheet, a white long sleeved shirt and white gloves. A trip to Walmart got me a white wig.

I will do my own makeup and I have to style the wig. After so many years of teasing the crap out of my hair for halloween, I just need a break this year! haha!