Exploring the many uses of patterns for other craft projects.
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By Chewy
Have added two more to the ones i made last year...

The neighbours are going to LOVE me this year! Muahaha!



Will save the last two 4'x4's to see if any new and fantastic patters come out in the next week
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By ghostface
That is AWESOME!!!! :D 8)
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By Batgirl
Love it!
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By Raven
Very cool! I love the hands!
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By Chewy
RavensDestiny wrote:Very cool! I love the hands!
Oh yeah... me too (& thanks). The creature reacher turned out *really* well.

The scary part is that i think im getting good at this.... counting tracing time onto the hard board last night, all in making the two new ones was about an hour and a half's worth of work...

I'll post some pictures of our complex littered with these things & the last two (whatever they turn out to be) later
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By sloaner
2 other patterns that you could try are Howl-o-ween and dragon flight. They aren't too complex. The ones you have made so far look real cool.