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a bundle of 3 CHEAP plastic versions of the zp pro so folk can get the benefit of the blade ina cheaper style handle?

Whilst carving with kids tonight 15 oogie boogie 2's in around 30 minutes I felt that those without a zp tool were really losing outin terms of manouverability.
I used junior hacksaw blades with the inserts ground off (dremel) & used carpet tape to warap them tightly to a lolly stick.

it worked but too blunt an end that gets gummed up...

I could purchase lots of blade sets & lolly stick em I suppose but it would be good to ave a party set for mass carves.
I as left leaping from one kid to the next wereas the helpers could have got the feel for it of i'd had proper blades.

kids were happy though, neat results, shamefully it looked like the leaders had never carved a kin before.. :cry:

I have alot of bagged up guts accumulated so far.

(I couldn't imagine having them gut & stencil themselves, we'd have been there till midnight)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Hmm, at this point I don't see a "cheap" version of the pro tool being added. The handle could be made of less expensive plastic I suppose, but would still need to be of significant enough weight for proper balance with the metal end, which I assume would be needed for proper holding of the blades.

And even if the material was cheaper, the production costs (to create the handles, chucks, and assemble) wouldn't reduce the price all that much. Plus, the cheaper you go on materials, the less it feels like it should carry the "professional" name. For budget-priced saws for kids, I figure that's what the $5 PM plastic kits are for.

Still, I'm glad to see you training the youngins well in the carving arts. I trust everyone had a good time!
Yes but i'm knackered!
That was alot of gutting & stencil preperation.

(I so love my foamies in that respect)

I have another 6 kins to make up tomorrow, going to keep it simple.
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By vibhandaka
"Whilst carving with kids tonight 15 oogie boogie 2's in around 30 minutes "

You must have the patience of a saint!
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By Chewy
Now that i actually have one of these saws - and knowing a thing or two about the machine metal work behind making them - i think theyre tremendous value & I dont think that there's a big margin on them for Ryan. I wont speculate where I think they're manufactured; but, think compared to the "other" products, you get what you pay for...

One thing to be mindful of when thinking about cost cutting - cheaper materials dont always translate directly to lower cost. For example - the collet might be doable out of aluminum - but, wont be as durable, might not be as secure & would probably cost more to have the machine work done.

The handles themselves - make them out of plastic - sure. But, unless you're running 10,000 of them - the setup costs (die/mould) would be very large. Might as well machine them from billet aluminum (which would be cool...)

We'll probably buy another one for next year... not everyone gets to use the cool saw at the same time here!
vibhandaka wrote:"Whilst carving with kids tonight 15 oogie boogie 2's in around 30 minutes "

You must have the patience of a saint!
No the wife helped (so she covered helping one child)
& there were 3 leaders there who each took on a child..

so I was able to divide my time as we were operating on a flow of 4 kins & kids, which meant I could help those struggling & whip through those who'd already started with a leader whilst they then started to poke the eyes of the next one (kin, not kid)

So I was able to cover around 8 childrens kins & move onto the next one "struggling" offering chat & support, illuminating the cut as we went with my new & headstrapless Petzl zipka+2 so there was more incentive for them to "follow the blue line"... stencil
followed by what I called the mad dash (fast cut) along the dotted line (the outer circle of Oogie Boogie2 where they could really gun their carve, & have the satisfaction of poking out as one piece to reveal.

we then lit them up at the end before they had a spookily made pumpkin cupcake & went off home.

sadly I only heard 2 children say thankyou for their cupcake... :? (these things matter to me) & the only a few parents bothering to say thanks, although a few were clearly pleased.

All went home with another oogie boogie ZP stencil , to either show at school what they'd cut out & hopefully to get them revved up as to doing a decent carve at halloween.

The kids were very chuffed with their assisted achievements, that was clear.
It does make me realize how far advanced my own daughter is in many respects of pumpkin familiarity, politeness, ability to hold a conversation with adults.
I'm kind of glad she's an only child as we've been able to teach her one hell of a lot without having too much of our own time (ha) & patience shredded.

(as per the last episode of malcolm in the middle) go & be president & look after people like us! :lol: :lol: :lol:
right i've got it worked out!

Bingo, EVERYONE can have a zp carving blade (ad hoc creation)

so last night base on my own disatisfaction of alternate product & the adhoc lollystick hacksaw blade creation..

here's the solution.

Buy yourself a lovely Zp pro carving set (orange if you must)

buy numerous sets of spare blades lets go with the larger blade for amateurs.

so.. a spare set provides 3 thick blades & three thin (more flexi)

Buy your ice lollies on sticks for the summer on the next deal... (yum fabs 8 for £1.00)

locate carpet tape, important as this has great grab qualities (adhesive) as well as providing padding & grip for the hand..

2 lolly sticks (or one if you feel it's more stable & bind the blade, you'll have no movement, (dont worry).

Sorted! everyone has a capable blade with strength proper cutting teeth which wont jam, therefore more ability to carve & turn without mushing up!

result, more poise & control from your occasional carvers, proper blades which if you ever need you simply cut the tape which is tough as old boots...

I suggest the thicker blades as frankly less bend under pressure, better for learners, save the fine blades for yourself.

Most basic designs will be achieved with this blade & possibly a little assistance (that you'd offer anyway)

Ryan, this make sense?

Lets get this hammered down as a decent alternative to shonky blade sets for party carvers) as an instructional & you've got plenty of strength in the blades on par with your own!
By Ajax
I buy a bunch of pumpkin master blades at 80% off after halloween. Sure they break, bend and are fairly unreliable, but I still pick up one the odd time once my zombie pumpkin ones gets to full of gunk and i'm on a carving rant and have no time to clean it. I probably have about 20 of them still in the packages they I may have spent .25 a piece for.