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By Starparty
but it was SO worth it.


He actually wasn't that unhappy, but the look on his face was too funny not to share. He is currently fast asleep next to me on the sofa with his head tucked under the bun.

Although if you hear about a Cincinnati woman smothered in her sleep by a 20lb orange hotdog, will somebody remember my pumpkins are in the garage and need to be carved?? :lol:
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By Tkaraoke
The things they put up with to be out pets! LOL
Madam unhand that cat forthwith, that is most unseemly. :o

they will make you pay!!!
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By nosferatu
I know of a fast food restaurant in Birmingham that was closed down for serving that.

Plus I also never, ever eat kebabs......especially if they purr
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By Raven
Awesome. This also reminds me I have not humiliated my dog yet this year.. :twisted:
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By Starparty
He's my fuzzy little tempurrrra platter! :roll:

So far I've seen some of the funniest costumes at Target! Last year he was a giant stuffed blue fish.
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By staticfurball
too cute, I saw a taco one as well.....once again..I need to get a dog!