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By staticfurball
It's good, Im telling you. Bodies falling out of the wall, c'mon, who wouldnt enjoy a scene like that lol
ooooh so creepy, I love movies with creepy houses!
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By Batgirl
RavensDestiny wrote:I both loved and hated this movie. I loved the first half. I kept getting chills and felt like I might cry when she sees someone standing behind the crib.. crying out of fear, I guess it's possible?

The second half I was not impressed with. It got too weird. I just wasn't scared anymore. I found myself just wishing he would hurry and get his kid, not because I wanted the happy ending but because I wanted to quit watching.
Agreed!! The first part of this movie had me thinking I might need to bail because it was slightly too intense.... then that changed. If the whole movie had been like the first 25 minutes or so, I would have probably had to stop watching out of self-preservation.

And I couldn't get over how much the face paint resembled Darth Maul.
I agree with the first half to three quarters being awesome, but it really went downhill when the dad went on his "mission" to try and save his son. The part with the big ghost (I don't know what else to call him) was acting as a bodyguard to the door was pretty ridiculous. It just seemed really weird. I liked it much better when you didn't really know much about the main bad guy as well. It just seemed stupid that he's up in some room sewing with bobble heads everywhere listening to some old song over and over. The goat legs were a bit much as well. I don;t know why but they were.
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By sloaner
I didn't see this movie and probably never will, as I hate being scared by movies. But a funny thing happened to my friend who saw this. He said there was a part where a hand pops out of something and that didn't scare him but when his girlfriend saw it she screamed and grabbed his arm. That scared the crap out of him lol.
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By wookie66
Just watched this last night and agree the first half was great but the second half made it into just another crappy horror movie with all the dream world crap. It started to look like the darth maul look alike was a freddy krueger like presence and was controlling the dream world. I did like the ending when that woman took the picture of the dad then it started to get good again but then it ended. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
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By keifferone
I liked the comic relief of the two paranormal researchers. And the demon is the called "Lipstick Demon". They cut the scene out that shows him smearing the lipstick over his face. I liked it but I didn't love it. Movies aren't scary as the use to be. :cry:
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By vibhandaka
Insidious 2 comes out this Friday the 13th... I just bought tickets to see along with Insidious on Thursday night. I hope it's decent!
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By monstermash
I only just watched the first Insidious on Saturday. It was on tv and I watched it alone in an empty house, brave eh! :lol: . I quite enjoyed it and didn't find it too scary, just a nice amount of creepiness. Everyone else who liked it has already said exactly how I felt about it. Second half not quite as good as the first and all that. I'd like to see the second one although I might just wait until its on dvd.
I liked the use of Tiptoe through the tulips, I always like old or odd songs used like that horror films.