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By nosferatu
Did anyone see this when it was broadcast on BBC Four in early September?

A quick synopsis:

"The extraordinary story of how the 19-year-old Mary Shelley created Frankenstein, one of the world's most terrifying monsters. Daughter of Mary Woolstencraft, wife of Percy Byshe Shelley and close friend to Lord Byron, Mary Shelley's life was every bit as extraordinary as her most famous work. Dramatising the adventures, love affairs and tragedies of her young life, the film shows how her monstrous creation reflected her own extraordinary experiences."

I had it recorded and watched it last night. Thought it was excellent and quite insightful. Hopefully it will be repeated nearer Halloween
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By purple1worm
Sounds interesting I'll see if I can find it online somewhere!
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By monstermash
How did I miss that! Sounds good. Hopefully they will show it again, maybe bbc i-player will have it. Ive noticed bbc4 have had quite a few good docs on lately.