Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
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By blueikaos
Not sure how wide spread these stores are, but they have a really cute selection of Halloween decorations.
Granted, they aren't the best built (Everything is $5 and under, hello!) but I was still excited nonetheless.

They have foam headstones (I got 3) and a bunch of foam skulls (I got 2) . They have a light up plastic 6" skull (I got 1) , caution/danger tape (got 2), spiderwebs (grabbed 1) and other foam signs and things! (I got a few of these and things haha)

Only spent $20 for a big bag of stuff!
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By pagemaster1993
Cool, I will have to check out my local Five Below the next time I am near it.
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By Raven
Aww... nearest store is over 230 miles away from me. :cry: