Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
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By CorpseBride
Patches would be great! My derby bag has lots of open space that I am saving for something special :wink:
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By Kayo
i vote iron on patches! i would wear one on my patch jacket
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By Euri
Patches would indeed be very awesome! Versatile, easier to store, and you can put them on anything! Good idea.

Just a thought, since next year is the 10th ann, I would love to see the buttons come back covering the mascots for the last 5 years. I love the ones I've got. I picked up an extra set, clipped off the pin backs and made magnets for my fridge. They stay up all year.

Hottie, I love what you did with your shirt! Did you start out with a size larger to take it in the sides? How did you modify the sleeves?
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By purple1worm
I love my hoodie. I also prefer the zip-up front. i wear it all the time in fall, alone or when it gets colder under my jean jacket. I could see how tees are easier to stock and sell better. Perhaps you could still do hoodies every 2 or 3 of years.

I also like the idea of patches ( i think there is a thread for it already). They are small, easy to stock and not to expensive. And we could personalize our own stuff with them.
I'd also like to see long sleave tees!
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By staticfurball
By maegnus
I'll put another vote in for ZP hoodies on AA zip ups. I wash and wear the heck out of my AA zip ups, and they've held up nicely for years. Their unisex cuts also please both sides and they are very true to size.
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By Euri
I missed the hoodies. :cry: If they were to come back, I, too, vote for zip ups. I would be sure to grab one next time around!
If it were a polartec fleece hoodie I couldn't refuse, cotton doesn't cut it warmth & dampwise over here (mainly the damp)
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By SuperSonic
I totally vote for another Hoodie on the site :P. Maybe as part of the Ten year celebration next year :)

I could careless whether it was a zip up or not though.
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By hkzombie
Long sleeve shirts (Im sure I can get away with wearing kid size clothes, I'm very petite lol)
How come there's no underwear for the ladies?!
Lanyards or a Zp keychain? (is that a bit tourist?)

Whatever you can come up with this year ZP, we'll always be pleased :)
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By staticfurball
I would like to see hoodies again too! :D
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By paddy_babe
pagemaster1993 wrote:
monstermash wrote:ZP underwear :wink:
Boxers or Briefs?
KNICKERS! lol I would wear ZP knickers with pride :lol: would make it impossible for minion pics though.... :P

has anyone said sweatbands? I'd wear them when carving (actually can help grip if you have the habit of leaning your arm over the pumpkin while your carving) or when straining to heave the heavy pumpkins..... (ZP workout, the next hit thing since Zumba!)
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By nosferatu
I have always wanted a ZP heat activated mug but think next year a glow in the dark mascot mug would be ace. Someething along the lines of this that I have just ordered


I also think mascot key caps would be cool along these lines

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By keifferone
I like the heat activated mug idea. It would be really cool with spirit on it.
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