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well get a spine man & argue!

If it isn't what you wan't add your voice.
besides it'd mean shaving off the beard I guess, & lots of green face fuzz could just look plain weird, making for a possibly peculiar look, unless you wear a prosthetic in which case you'd get by.
However you simply shouldn't be told what you are to be,it's got to be consentual if you are to really enjoy yourselves.
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By pagemaster1993
Wow, Shrek really? Did that not star losing popularity around the second movie with people. I know I did not like it that much. Hope you can convince her to do something better.
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By Dredge
There is definitely still time to convince her otherwise. Im working on her.
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By pagemaster1993
Well you still have about two months to change her mind, if that does not work you may have to take drastic measures :twisted: .
just, say ..NO!
or make a deal such as 20lbs lost between now & mid oct gets you out of it!
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By Raven
Are you still set to be Shrek?

I finally convinced my husband to dress up. He isn't really one to dress up. Last year was the first time in at least a decade he wore a costume. All his own creation. This year it looks like he will be the Grim Reaper. His idea was to dress all in black with a black face mask and be a shadow, I suggested carry a scythe and he could be the Reaper. The only problem I have is we own a real scythe that he want's to carry around. Great prop except it's REALLY sharp. I'm slightly concerned on the safety issue that might pose. :)
then sheath it! . make a proper protector for the blade with a blade coloured outer sleeve so it doesn't look naff!

(death wouldn't adhere to heath & safety rules)... :lol: