Prepping everything from pumpkin pies to party platters.
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By amandap80
Simmer 1 /2 cup canned pumpkin in a pot with 1 cup coconut milk and 2 packets of stevia, add cinnamon. Pour desired amount into coffee, top with whipped heavy cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. BEST COFFEE EVER, and all natural.
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By CorpseBride
Sounds simply stupendous! 3 points for alliteration! :lol:
I'd better ask my daughter's friends mother to swipe me a can from the base for us to concoct this!.
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By purple1worm
Wow! That sounds delicious! I've got to try! :D
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By hkzombie
After working 5 years at Starbucks, I do go out of my way to get my coffee with the pumpkin spice syrup! BUT, I really like this idea because I want to try something that's more natural and better for you. First, pumpkin is a superfood and is rich in a lot of nutrients, you can control the amount of sweetness your putting into your coffee, and it's much cheaper! This I like! I'll let you know how this goes, thanks for the tip!
you seem the right person to test this out HK, and possibly start a seasonal revolution, i'm a big fan of starbucks but too many franchises who dont care about there coffee means i've had more bad than good for the past few years!

have you ever tried the slow / chemistry lab kit version of coffee? ...sweet!
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By staticfurball
Yummm, a must try for me. Im a coffee addict and much the same way with pumpkin.
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By hkzombie
I experimented with the pumpkin latte recipe this morning. To be honest, I had more taste of the coconut than the pumpkin. Coconut Milk and canned pumpkin both have distinct tastes. I think each can stand on their own and don't need to be mixed. By all means if you do prefer using the coconut milk, no need to change the recipe at all. For more of a die-hard pumpkin taste, I think if we subsitute for example, milk you have in the fridge or I prefer almond milk (plain unsweetened vanilla) because for one, it has less calories, no carbs, or added sugar, and it is much thicker than just a 2% or nonfat. Or soy can work as well because its a very subtle flavor. You can use that to substitue if there's not a store in your area that sells coconut milk. Another thing I would change is the ratio of coconut to pumpkin. I think using a cup of pumpkin and a half cup of coconut would make a huge difference. However, I did mix in cinnamon and nutmeg because these two are essential for anything pumpkin and since I don't have stevia, I used honey. I used the exact measurements for coconut and pumpkin. But, I eyeballed the other ingredients (nutmeg, cinnammon, and honey). It's really a matter of the individuals preference for more of pumpkin, less cinnamon, or substitute sugar because I don't have honey type of recipe. In my opinion, opt out the coconut milk and go for something subtle so the true flavor of pumpkin comes through :D

Gus: No, I haven't tried the slow/chemistry coffee kit. I don't even know what that is lol. But I do know the best way to have fresh brewed coffee is through french press. I always tell myself I will get one but never get around to it lol.
..almond milk eh!? sounds interesting, will try to locate some.
The "slow " method is actually siphon coffee, chemistry lab is what I call it since a kid, the lit flame under the 2 jars water at bottom forced up under pressure then down again, uses a lot more measures of coffee admittedly.

(good explanatory guide)

of course I love it when autumn comes round & it's time to use the energy of the woodburner to make up large portions of espresso, the only time I ever take a rock of sugar

(I hate using the kitchen stovetop what a waste of electricity) ...slow & detailed flavour. ..must not forget to remove cups from the woodburner as they burn skin!
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By hkzombie
Gus, I have never seen anything like this before! The siphon kit looks like it came from a mad doctor's laboratory in the dungeon.I commend you if this is your way of drinking coffee! Although it hypothetically may be the best way to enjoy a cup of brew, there are too many steps in the process for me to remember or can execute well on the first couple of times. The siphon process gives me the notion there must be some time to put in while perfecting the makings of coffee. If you have all the time in the world (in which case a lot of people don't), then this wouldn't be something to invest a lot for. As long as my coffee is fresh, there's no need for me to go full throtlle on taking coffee making to the next level. But, it's a great idea to talk about amongst my Starbucks friends :)

Tip: Getting a 'bold' blend of coffee does NOT mean more caffeine. It indicates the taste, and characteristics of the coffee.