Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
I happened to have some rub-on tattoos I bought for students. I give the tattoos out instead of stickers sometimes. Anyway, some kids don't want to put the tattoos on themselves so we tried just putting them right on the paper. it worked. Then we tried adding them to the outside of files and notebooks. Anyway, they work (and can be scratched off.)

I bought some small little LED flicker candle lights. I'm going to place them on my mantle for one of my haunted house scenes. I looked at them and they were pretty small, but then I thought about the tattoos. It will be a very minor detail that most will miss, but I added some skulls to the lights. Here they are:


candles lit:

pack of rub-on tattoos:

the effect:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Oh how cool. Simple and effective. Great tip, thanks for sharing. I may try that.
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By staticfurball
Maybe for drink glasses, but they don't stand up well to handling and I'm sure they peel off faster with moisture.
There are some realy great lacquer spays you can use to permanantly stick them too the glass. Just make sure te kind you buy is good on glass.
The other option is resin. you can buy the kits for cheap at most hardware stores. just paint it on and let it cure for a few hours.

hmmmm this gives me an idea........there are some great glass and ceramic paints out there I could stencil some ZP designs right onto my glasses and make some spooky dishes for the season!!
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By CorpseBride
I love this idea! I am sure a diamond glaze would seal it in well and protect the design. That is what I use on my jewelry and nothing budges or smudges :D
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By pagemaster1993
Did you rub it on the inside or outside of the holder? Anyway that is pretty cool, and I may have to do it sometime.
how about some luminous mod podge to add a bit of glow at the edges?
sticks & seals, dries almost clear.
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By mesmark
pagemaster1993 wrote:Did you rub it on the inside or outside of the holder?
Outside. Inside would be hard to do and not so clear with these holders.

I don't know that these are all that great but good for a little fun and small props. If you happen to pass by a rack with rub-on tattoos and find some patterns you like, grab it. It's probably only $3. You can also give out any you don't really like at trick-or-treat time to kids. The older ones like those as much as candy.
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By Raven
Great idea, Mesmark! I may make a few of these. I can't wait to see what you have in store for your Halloween party this year!