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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Hey, good find, Mistress. I've watched a bit of this show, here and there. And while singers and comedians are fine, I'm always drawn to the more "out there" acts. The circus carnival freaks, the death defying stunts, the truly bizarre.

I couldn't even be fair if I had to judge the technical skill of this dance act, because I'd be too won over by their style and theme. Some good music choices, and wild costumes. All those maniacal Joker girls... that was pretty disturbing. Haha. These kids have a bright future.... er... I suppose, more like a dark future. 8)
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By CorpseBride
I usually don't go for this sort of thing...but throw in a dash of horror and I am there. I really enjoyed these guys! Thanks for sharing! I would be a terrible judge for a show like this, my personal taste with interfere with my voting for sure. See ya cheesy acts...hello horror and carnival freaks!
"Banned" in our house, as are trashy uk tv soap & all that dancing with stars malarkey, & they say a zombie invasion won't happen...

it has, tv has turned so many into shuffling corpses.. :o :? :shock:
Whilst Izzy loves the simpsons & all that jazz, she does tend to turn her radio on & listen to our Radio 4 & radio 4 xtra channels, so I have high hopes as to her synapses firing correctly.

Oh yeah, all that high school musical & any schmutter with a gram of similarity BANNED, kid is no gullible fool as to "kid marketing"

I honestly look at some of the mothers & children at her school & honestly I despair! the signals we send out to our children..

:roll: wonder I resent the likes of Twilight, which was on over here in the uk on mainstream channels the other night..

"make it just like mj's thriller" ..well he's never been copied since!

:o :roll: ..what's so good about these guy's? the hype is all courtesy of the channel & the judges, marketing & manipulation.

just disneyland dance troupe to me, watched a bit of the link, if you fill a stadium up with morons who respond the men holing up cards that say "clap" / "cheer" / "scream"'s pretty lowbrow & demeaning.
Thank god theres an off button.

Mind you if you wanted to sign folk up for a religious cult the exit doors would be a good place to stand after the show.
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