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By zombombie
It appears that Tales from the Crypt is being rebooted:

They appear to be dropping the anthology style turning the show into a serial. Interesting, though I don't think it'll go down to well with the fans of the original.
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By pagemaster1993
I never got to see Tales From The Crypt, so I do not know how it used to be. When ever it does come back I will do my best to catch it on the tube.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
When I read the title of this topic, I got excited. But then when I saw that they aren't using the anthology format, I suddenly felt a bit deflated. I don't know... doesn't the whole concept of Tales from the Crypt require new stories every time? That's how the comic and TV show were.

Some of my favorite horror properties are anthology format.... Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Night Gallery, Masters of Horror, Creepshow, Cat's Eye, Deadtime Stories, and Trick 'r Treat are just a few of the varied movies and TV shows that come to mind.

The beauty of the format is that the writers have countless opportunities to hit on a creative story. Sure, some might be cheesy or cliche, but for every lousy tale, there's a clever gem of a story. The short format is great for the audience with the short attention span. Each story can teach a moral, have a twist ending, or be creatively intertwined with other installments in the series.

Anyway, let's hope they prove me wrong and make this into something good. Otherwise, they'll just be cashing in on the famous name. Speaking of which, anyone seen MTV's series "Teen Wolf"? Looks like it could be a decent teen drama with a chance for some scares and gore. But... but... other than wolves and names, it has nothing to do with the story and tone of the original movie!
ah Teen Wolf,a great movie of it's time, obviously seriously low budget, however it obviously surprised the studios & pulled a decent profit.

I must get it on dvd for my daughter, thing I remember vividly since a kid is at the end as the credits are rolling, it all slows into a whirl, one of the extras (everyone is cheering & waving for the final "victory" boy has girl, jock idiot & skank are seen for what they really are.
So all the crowd is up on the bleachers? benches, one guy, has his zipper all the way down, & must have noticed the increased "airflow" , ..feels his way down there & does himself up! ...then carries on like a good chap..

They must have been in a rush in post production to have missed that! :lol:

There was only one teen wolf Michael J fox, so dissapointed when TW2 came around, it didn't have the same characters to follow so I think it failed rather dramatically, doesn't surprise me it was cold stored & then represented 25 yrs later as a (I guess) kids series probably to take on soomething like witches of waverly place or similar, is it schmultzy sacharine ex mickey mouse club , non actors barging into careers of media glam rather than any actual acting talent?

It's nice not having the disney channel / subscription sat tv, miss a lot of dross, my 7yr old daughter as a result has no interest in Disney schmultz beyond proper animation, so looks like we've jumped the chasm of H.S.M. & all that schmutter in preference of proper books & radio /plays

I'll have a look for teen wolf "the series on you tube" ...will it make my eyes bleed from the horror of twee-teen-tv?

You're spot on about the nuggets of each story for the 20 minute tale, some sucked, but that only made the good ones bette, to be revelled in & stop whatever you weere doing a you knew it was a classic of it's type.