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By mrpumpkinking

Anyone played the new Splatterhouse game on 360?

Im hearing that its awful, but i really want to play it - was wondering if anyone here has played it?
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By zombombie
Welcome to the boards mrpumpkinking - great to have you :D

I've not played it yet, I'm much the same as you - I really want to but haven'y had the chance. I'll pick it up as soon as the price drops ;)

The originals are unlockable in it which surely makes it worth the price of admission (once the admission is cheap enough ;)) alone?!
By mrpumpkinking
Thank you! Yep im a newbie ha ha!!

I dont mind a game looking a bit dated as long as it's playable - but from what i hear that is the biggest problem as its suppose to be very sluggish in the controls area.

I might try and rent it - save some pennies as i will not be without Dead Space 2 on day of release!! ha ha.