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Here is the best costume on a kid that came to my house. This little girl was 2 years old. Her parents were thrilled that we guessed who she was. Apparently we were the only ones to guess right the entire night. The picture isn't the greatest as the little girl was stalking (I mean walking) towards me. I took the picture and got out of there as quick as I could.

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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Ah! That's great, Chucky was the first thing to come to mind for me. Clever parents.

I don't think any particular costume reeeaaaly stood out among the trick-or-treaters I saw. Seemed to be a lot of corpse bride style girls in gothic dresses and ghoul makeup, which looked cool. One fella had a giant pumpkin head mask, and another was a "Cereal Killer" (had a box of Cheerios on his head, with eye-holes cut out)
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By suzika
The best was the child of an old friend of mine who was dressed as a UPS driver with his candy bag being a mailing box with a tape handle. He was adorable.

There were a couple awesome vampire costumes, as well.
Best were adults..
We had a fantastic jack skellington this year, Darth maul, Uncle fester, & a few others (my sight was limited by my werewolf mask sitting still all the time so I could only peer into the gloom!

kid's we-ll too many witches & princesses for my liking, however they bothered to turn out so alls good I guess.

I'd have liked to stuck the prosthetics on myself however the kids did shriek ALOT from my seated "part of the set up" position, although it did limit my beer intake drastically. :(
I guess when you are the trick or treater you can go all out but for menial candy / kid wrangling it needs to be simpler as time simply is eaten up as ythe day progresses & evening descends.
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By jen d.
Two kids, siblings... I honestly couldn't tell genders (which is ALWAYS the sign of a good costume, ha).

The littlest one, probably no more than 4, was dressed in as an owl... home made costumes, a lot of love and time put into them.. tons of feathers and the cutest little beak. Mask made of feathers as well. When I remarked what a fantastic costume it was, they replied, "Thanks, it's a SNOWY owl!" Cutest ever.

The older sibling, probably around 8, was dressed as a crow... tons of black feathers, and a long black with gold trim plague doctor mask! It was beautiful. I wish I had pictures of these two!
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By SuperSonic
Alot of Spidermen showed up at my door. Nothing really stood out as a cool and original costume. Fav of the night had to be this lil dude in a Bumblebee Costume. :)